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AP Teachers Transfers 2013

Rangareddy Teachers Transfer Seniority Lists of HMs-School Assistants-Secondary Grade Teachers-Language Pandits-PETs-LFL Head Masters


Teachers Transfers 2013

1.SGT     2.LFL       3.SA TELUGU      4.SA  HINDI        5.SA ENGLISH        6.SA MATHS   

   7.SA Phy.Sci         8.SA Bio.Sci            9.SA ARTS         10.LPT      11.LPH       12.PET   

13.GHMs              14.PDs

Teachers Transfers 2012

Teachers have to apply online for transfers from 21.06.2012 to 26.06.2012

Rangareddy District Teachers Transfers Seniority Lists of Head Masters - School Assistants - Secondary Grade Teachers - Language Pandits - physical Education Teachers - LFL Head Masters

Grade II HM
School Assistant Telugu
School Assistant English
School Assistant Hindi
School Assistant Maths
School Assistant PS
School Assistant Biology
School Assistant Social Studies
Secondary Grade Teachers
Language Pandit - Telugu
Language Pandit - Hindi
PETs and PDs
Craft - Music - Drawing






Vacancy Position


Transfer Seniority Lists

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