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www.ehf.gov.in Rajiv Aarogya Sri Health Cards



http://www.ehf.gov.in, web.ehf.gov.in/ASRI Website Launched for Aarogyasri Health Cards by Rajiv Aarogya Sri Trust. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to provide comprehensive health care to all Government Employees, Pensioners, and their family members, on cashless basis through an appropriate scheme in lieu of the present medical reimbursement system. In order to implement the Scheme effectively, the Govt has held a series of meetings with the Joint Action Committee of Employees, Teachers, Workers and Pensioners, and A.P. Secretariat Employees’ Co-ordination Committee representatives to discuss the scheme and its implementation modalities. Based on the inputs received during these meetings, the Government has decided to operationalise the scheme for comprehensive health care for employees, pensioners and their families in a time bound manner.

Employees Health Care Fund Scheme is intended to provide cashless treatment to all the State Government employees including the State Government pensioners, along with their dependent family members through a network of empanelled hospitals of Aarogyasri Health Care Trust. The scheme will provide treatment in Network Hospitals for all the listed therapies.

Employees, Teachers and Pensionars need a health card to access the scheme. In order to obtain the health card, enrol for the scheme by submitting an e-form through www.ehf.gov.in following the instructions there. You will receive a health card thereafter. The card enables the beneficiary to avail the scheme benefits from the list of Empanelled Hospitals, spread across the State.

Govt of Andhra Pradesh, Abstract.
Health Medical and Family Welfare Department – Aarogyasri Health Care Trust – Implementation of ‘Employees Health Care Fund Scheme’ EHF – Operational Guidelines – Orders – Issued.


1.G.O.Rt.No.1049 HM&FW (M2) Dept., dated: 31-05- 2011.
2.G.O.Ms.No.329 HM&FW (M2) Dept., dated 10-11-2011.
3.From the Chief Executive Officer, Aarogyasri Health Care Trust Letter No.EHF/254/2012 dated 05-06-2012.
4.G.O.Ms.No.184, H.M. & F.W. (M2) Department, dated: 14-08-2012.

Download Full G.O Copy

SELF (Scanned copies) :
Aadhaar card/Aadhaar enrollment card.
1 & 2 pages of Old Service Register (or) 4&5 of New Service Register
Passport size photo (45mm X 35mm ICAO Complaint)
Disability Certificate, If you are disabled
DEPENDENTS (Scanned copies) :
Aadhaar card/Aadhaar enrollment card
Passport size photo (45mm X 35mm ICAO Complaint)
Birth certificate in case of children below 5 years.
Disability Certificate, If disabled.
NOW LOG IN TO: www.ehf.gov.in
Click on Sign-in (Top right side of the screen)
Your user ID is: your Employee ID( available with your DDO)
Password is also: Your Employee ID(i.e. user ID as above)
After login: change your password
Enter your mobile number
New password will be sent to your mobile as message
After you sign-in: Click on “Registrations” in the left side
Then click on : “Initiate Health Card”
Now click on : Aadhaar No/ Aadhaar Enrollment No as the case may be
Enter Aadhaar No/ Aadhaar Enrollment number
Aadhaar Number is having 12 digits
Aadhaar Enrollment No is having (14 on left side+ 14 on right side and enter without special characters like ‘/ ‘ ‘ : ‘ etc)
Now click on “Retrieve Details”
Application form appears
Enter the details as required
After entering details ‘ Save ‘
Then click on “ Add attachments ”
Before uploading attachments see that their size should be less than 200KB, If not you can compress the picture through ‘edit option’ in MS Office picture manager (or) MS-Paint, so that memory size will be below 200 KB
Now add family members by clicking ‘Add Beneficiary ’
Upload photo & Aadhaar Card of family members
Save the enrollment form
View the enrollment form by clicking “Print/View application”
Verify the correctness of the details
Edit the details if required and save again
Now print the Application Form
Sign the printed application and make a scan copy
Now submit the application
Message will be sent to your mobile as: “Application submitted successfully; Your health card enrollment ID:….. ; Your signed application uploading is pending”
Now upload signed application by clicking “add attachment”
Now submit application for approval
Task will be sent to your DDO login
If rejected by your DDO, again you can edit and resubmit for approval from your login.

State Govt Employees Health Card Fund (EHF) www.ehf.gov.in website has the following sections in its website. 1.Employees Log in Instructions 2.Pensioners Log in Instructions 3.Enrollment Process 4.Aadhaar Centers List 5.List of Departments ready for Enrollment 6.DDO Instructions 7.Departmental Nodal Officers 8.Enroll for EHF

Submission Process:
1.Employees and Pensioners have to Login to the web portal www.ehf.gov.in
2.Employee code itself is the user ID
3.Password: Password will be provided by the concerned DDO.
After Logging in for the first time, employee should change his/her password. Password is confidential so Employees have to change the password provided by the DDO conserned.
4.Employee/Pensioner then have to select his/her department, location and office unit designation, Pay Scale, DDO etc. from the dropdown lists in the application.
5.submit the data, and attach the needed documents if any.

The Employee/Pensioner must furnish following while submitting the e-form

1.Demographic data consistent with Service Register (SR)
2.Digital copies of passport size photos (ICAO compliant) of each beneficiary
3.Aadhaar Card Number or atleast Aadhar Enrollment Number
4.Scanned copy of the first two pages of the Service Register (pages 1 and 2 of old service register form (or) pages 4 and 5 of new service register form where name, date of birth and signature of office head are available)
5.Scanned copy of Ration Card if available

Employees/Pensioners who DO NOT know about Computers and Internet, can approach the DDO/STO/APPO concerned directly with the relavent information and required documents.

1.The employee shall take a printout and verify the accuracy of data. If there are errors, the same shall be corrected. A signed print out of the filled up application shall also be scanned and attached to the e-form. This shall be the self declaration of the employee.
2.The employee shall be responsible for furnishing correct details of dependent family members in the online enrollment application. Any false declarations will entail disciplinary action against the employee.
3.The e-form is then submitted. After submitting the application, the employee will not be able to make changes to the data.
4.The application is automatically submitted to the DDO concerned.
5.The employee has to submit the signed application in physical form to the DDO duly signing the declaration.

How to get Health Cards and How to access the EHF website? Read all the details in Telugu Language. Health Cards details in Telugu Page1 Page2

Click HERE to Access www.ehf.gov.in

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